Many factors need to be considered in making an accurate estimate of what water damage restoration will cost for your home. Each situation is unique, and obviously larger and more complicated jobs require more resources and time, and will therefore cost more.

Depending on the situation, water cleanup and water damage restoration can sometimes be difficult and complicated. Use the following guideline from the experts at ServiceMaster Restore to help you understand each factor that goes into determining the estimate.


1. Size of the Area Affected

Typically, the larger the area affected by water damage, the more time it will take to repair. In larger areas more dehumidification will be necessary before the restoration work can take place and more building and finishing materials will be required for repair and replacement.


2. Amount of Water Involved

The amount of water involved and the area affected can be related, but not always in equal proportion. For example, an inch of water from a broken sink pipe on the first floor can be an easy clean up, while a tiny drip from an upstairs shower that's been unnoticed for 20 years can be a cause of significant hazardous mould or a home safety issue.


3. Type of Water

There are three categories of water that can cause damage in your home, based on the level of hazard it represents. Category 1 or clear water comes from sanitary sources such as a toilet tank or faucet.  Category 2 or grey water is water that has been used, but is not contaminated such as from a washing machine or dishwasher. Category 3 or black water often comes from the sewer or severe flood waters as either can contain bacteria, harmful chemicals, and more. Any items or materials that come into contact with Category 3 water may not be salvageable.


4. Where the Water Came From

Water damage can arise from a variety of sources and the origin of the water significantly affects the type of cleanup required. Whether it is a leaky HVAC unit or flood waters, the amount of water damage will be different.


5. If Water Is Still Present

If there is standing water still present at the damage site, it will affect the restoration process. Water damage restoration technicians will need to use pumps or other special equipment to remove the water and dehumidify before they can begin restoration.


6. Amount of Time Elapsed Since the Water Damage Began

Water damage left in your home untreated will cause initial, perhaps minor, problems to worsen over time. Within days, mould and mildew can begin to appear. Addressing water damage quickly isn't just a question of preserving your property, it's a question of health and safety. That's why it's so important to call a professional water damage restoration service as soon as the water damage occurs.


7. Types of Materials Affected

Different materials are affected by water in different ways, and this includes flooring. Some floors are easy to replace in only the damaged areas, while others must be ripped up entirely and replaced, regardless of how widespread the damage. There are many other surfaces and materials that will be affected by water damage.  A professional water damage restoration expert will review the materials and surfaces in your home in order to make an accurate estimate of the cost of water damage restoration.


8. Mould Growth

The longer water damage to your home is left untreated, the more it is at risk for mould growth. After water damage, mould can begin to grow and spread in your home within three days, and as time goes on without beginning restoration, hazardous mould growth in your home can cause severe health problems for you and your family.


9. Location of Your Home

Where you live can affect the recovery time for your home from water damage, as well as the cost. For example, if your home is in an area where the climate is more humid, the dehumidifying process may require more time and effort, and therefore cost more.


10. Amount of Reconstruction Required

Generally, repair is preferable to replacement. Opting to repair instead of replacing surfaces and materials in your home will save you money. But repair isn't always an option. Reconstruction can be an important part of getting your life back on track, but it can also affect both the timeline and the cost of your repair.



Because so many factors can affect the complexity and cost of water damage restoration in your home, it's crucial to call the water damage restoration experts at the first sign of trouble.


Our trained and qualified local ServiceMaster Restore professionals are ready to help. We have the expertise and experience to assess the water damage in your home and begin the restoration process immediately, so that further long-term damage and cost can be avoided.


When it comes to water damage repair, with ServiceMaster Restore you can be assured you are working with professionals you can trust. We've been in the business for over 70 years!